Let us cast our worries to the winds and set out clocks to the moons, and perhaps everywhere and nowhere will become our home – Nicole Lyons

Hi! Welcome to The Nowhere Girl. 

Keya is the creator and writer for The Nowhere Girl. She is on a journey of self-love and nourishment, currently studying at university and left penniless by almond milk chai’s and sushi. IG / @keyamcgeown

The Nowhere Girl started on a golden day of winter, spelled from the crux of a mind in turmoil. After being diagnosed with mental illness, Keya succumbed to her illness and started waiting for life to start. Making the common mistake of over-preparing and waiting for the day that you have no boundaries.  Until her discovery of a Zen teaching about the illusive concept of ‘now’ and how opting out of life because of what may happen or what has happened, is not a healthy way to live. In fact it’s not living at all.

In the words of Eckhart Tolle, ‘people spend their whole life waiting to start living’. This is where the waiting stops. The Nowhere Girl, is a blog full of nourishment, self love, health and wellbeing + stuff to get you up in living right now; because if you aren’t living for yourself right now then you aren’t living at all. Anyone can be a pretty face, but not everyone can have an interesting mind.

This blog is about living life as if you have ‘Nowhere to be, No one to see, Nothing to do’. Living in the Now!

The Nowhere Girl is created from a small love shack in Sydney, Australia. You are more than welcome to be a part of the blog, email in any submissions or thoughts and please feel free to #thenowheregirl on any posts about you living your best life!

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August 2017
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