How do you get out of an unhealthy mental space?

The stale winds of doubt often bring with them some darker clouds that can negatively affect your mental space. This may dull your happiness and make it harder for you to enjoy the present moment, ending up waiting for the light to return instead of actively pursuing it.

I often like to practice a balance of acknowledging that I do not have complete control over my mental illness and that at times it will choose when it comes and goes, however I will not put my life on pause and allow it to steal my time.

Acknowledge your feelings, don’t judge them or sink them back into yourself, the more you extract the lighter you will feel. There are a few things I like to remind myself to do when I am in an unhealthy mental space.

Cleanse yourself and your space

Cleansing yourself doesn’t always have to mean bathing; however a visit to a water source may help you more simply navigate the movements of your feelings. You can have a short shower and attempt white lighting, head to your nearest coastline and enjoy the waves or even swim in your favourite body of water, be it your bathtub or the sea.

Cleansing your space can be done in a number of ways, the simplest being clearing out any clutter and washing linens to freshen up the space. However, your space though it is generally clean may have stale energy and feel cold or uninviting for you, friends and even pets. A way to clear a space of old negative energy is to open all windows in the room and smudge it with sage or another burning cleanser. I do this at least once a month to clear out stale energy and will always cleanse fully before a new moon to prepare for the next cycle.


Meditating is the perfect way to reflect on your self and be present in every moment. A ten-minute meditation will set you up for a mindful day. Being only new to meditation I turned to an online meditation course, Mindspo by Yogi and all round wellbeing guru Rochelle Fox (@rochelle_fox). The course guides you through types of meditation and you can easily find that which is best for you.

If you’re an experienced meditator, try including it in your daily routine. I try to do guided breathing every morning or during my lunch break at work to help me reflect on the way that I’m feeling and recognize the thoughts in my head for what they truly are, productive or destructive the like.


I am not going to sit here and say that I am some incredible fitness guru with great discipline and drive when it comes to working out. However, only recently, in fact just before I started this blog, I had gotten into the habit of exercising whenever I felt my mind getting restless.

I have spent enough time doing mindful activities to recognize that when my energy stops and my mind changes gears into a dark and negative place, is commonly when I get bored or restless. Exercise has become a real escape for me; though I am quite anxious before going, as soon as I am at the gym I am not thinking about anything else except my body and me. If you are a veteran at the gym, try changing up your routine or attending a class directed at feeling your body and understanding the way that it moves. If you’re a rookie like me, pinterest will be your friend, as well as classes.

Surround yourself with Crystals

Charged up, Cleansed and Connected. Three things that crystals should be. When developing your crystal collection include those which have the attributes best for any manifestations you make at New Moons, as well as those which you vibe with. Your energy will reverberate at similar levels to energies around you. The right crystals for your space may be different to those of your friend or even the recommendations of your local crystal supplier. If you live in Sydney, Mineralism on Glebe Point Road is an incredible crystal haven full of beautiful people and an even more beautiful energy.

Recommendations for a beginners crystal set would be:

  • Clear Quartz (master)
  • Black Tourmaline (grounding)
  • Amethyst (balance)
  • Rose Quartz (love)
  • Fluorite (self)

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